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Having the Measure of Inequity
The Bathroom Break Index (BBI) has been developed to provide an independent objective comparator of salaries across jobs, roles and responsibilities by using the common activity that applies to every working individual – the bathroom break!

It does not matter whether you work as a waiter, a retail assistant, teacher, secretary, salesman, accountant, company chief executive, politician or president, the single most common activity that we all share – between us all in our jobs every day – is the need to take a Bathroom Break.

We can therefore use this common human activity of a bathroom break as an objective measure against which to compare costs of each of us in our various jobs and roles. Whatever job we have, we all take bathroom breaks, but depending on how much each individual is paid will affect the cost of that break to the employer.

The P-ee Standard

Given that we are all human, studies have shown that we all take on average 21 seconds in order to have a pee; a biologically derived estimate independent of gender that has proven scientific legitimacy.  Interestingly this average 21 seconds it is a characteristic we share with all other mammals on the planet. The 21seconds represents an objective, biologically validated – P-ee Standard.

The Value of the BBI?

The P-ee standard can be used to generate a ratio – the BBI- that permits comparison of salary and related benefits between individual jobs, roles, currencies and countries.  The BBI is an independent measure of the inequity of salaries and benefits that can be used to make objective comparisons and judgements concerning the relative merit of salary packages within a company, between companies and across nations.
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